Araripe Geopark is honored in special chapter in the Directory of Ceará 2019-2020

Ceará Directory, launched on August 12, the oldest publication in circulation in Ceará, had among the news of this year a chapter dedicated to Araripe Geopark (AG), showing cultural and historical riches of Cariri that are important for the economic and social development and recognition of the region.

The chapter shows the history of Geopark in its development, since the formation of the Araripe Basin 150 million years ago, also depicting the touristic, economic, environmental and cultural potentials of the region and geosites that integrate the heritage, as Cariri Pterossauros Park, one of the most extensive regions of fossil deposits from Cretaceous period.

The editor-in-general of the publication is the journalist Jocélio Leal and the executive editor is Joelma Leal. Reporters Alex Ferreira, Camila Gadelha, Cristina Brito and Felipe Mendes were responsible for the content that is in the 2019-2020 Ceará Directory. Review and check by journalist Soriel Leiros. The special chapter on the Araripe Geopark is signed by the journalist Nut Pereira. Professionals Rafael Cavalcante, Lorrine Sampaio, Cristiane Frota, Welton Travassos, and Robson Pires complemented the team responsible for the art of the Directory.

The special chapter link is available on our website, or access the site by clicking on the link below:

Images: Jornal OPOVO 

UNESCO World Geoparks Network in Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOLAC) publishes a letter of appeal for forest fires that are occurring in the Amazon

The UNESCO World Geoparks Network in Latin America and the Caribbean (Red GeoLAC) of which Araripe Geopark is a member, stated in letter the sadness and consternation of the fires that are devastating the vast areas of the tropical forest region of the planet, which is natural habitat of the richest and most valuable biodiversity on the last day 22/08.


GEOLAC stressed the need to change paradigms of production, exploitation and human consumption evolving to the best sustainability of the planet; redouble efforts made in the search for awareness of geological risks; appeal to everyone's awareness through high-impact and long-term public policies; express the recognition of solidarity and empathy towards the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, who are direct victims of the devastation affecting their lands.

UNESCO World Geoparks are territories committed to ethics, sustainable development, conservation of natural heritage – including geological – and cultural and, fundamentally, with the active participation of Latin American communities.
Read the full content of the letter at the link below:



Araripe Geopark convents more than 50 schools to participate in the SIXTH edition of GEA-Terra Mãe

Araripe Geopark (AG) has been conducting several visits and referrals to schools of the six municipalities belonging to the territory to disseminate the SIXTH GEA-Terra Mãe, whose theme this year is "cities and sustainable communities". The dissemination actions occur since March, in which Araripe Geopark formed teams, within the University, to develop and coordinate intervention projects to be carried out in the six municipalities by students of proven and public education.

More than 50 have already been visited. The proposals passed to the participating schools will result in urban interventions and are presented on October 31st, as an event that will be held at the Universidade Regional do Cariri (URCA). Among the schools visited are: EEIEF Tarcila Cruz Alencar, EEEP Raimundo Saraiva Coelho, State College Wilson Gonçalves, besides other institutions of the public and private network, bringing a sustainable worldview for both project participants and society.

The project GEA-Terra Mãe, contest and show of school actions, is a UNESCO initiative, used by Global Geoparks Network-GGN, and aims to encourage teachers, students, public managers, and the general population to work cooperatively for the development of the geosciences for the benefit of the society.


World Geopark UNESCO Mixteca Alta

Geopark Mixteca Alta is a project of community development through the natural and cultural heritage promotion of its territory, which adds nine municipalities in the northeast of the state Oaxaca, in one of the most important cultural regions of Mexico.

A mountainous relief, water erosion in all its manifestations and extensive systems of farmland, are some of the tears that characterize the passage of the Geopark, which is the result of the interaction of humans with its surroundings from a thousand years ago, interaction that materied in a vibrant indigenous culture in which respect for Mother Earth and community work govern the day to day of the peoples

To learn more about the Geopark Alta Mixteca, we invite you to visit your website and follow on your social networks


Equipe do GeoPark Araripe

Coordenador Executivo

José Patrício Pereira Melo


Francisco do Ó Lima Junior

Diretor Executivo

Nivaldo Soares de Almeida


Secretaria Executiva

Pedrina França Pereira​​



Michel Macedo Marques

Sarah Menezes Pereira


Geoturismo e Desenvolvimento Territorial 

Jeanne Sidrim



Francisco Idalécio de Freitas

Rafael Celestino Soares

Geoeducação e e Educação Ambiental

Maria Neuma Clemente Galvão

Equipe de Preparação Geonews - 7ª edição/ 2018


Natanael dos Santos Almeida

Maria Emilly de Freitas da Silva


Michel Macedo Marques

Sarah Menezes 


Acervo GeoPark Araripe


Wendell Sousa Felipe da Costa

Natanael dos Santos Almeida


Maria Emilly de Freitas da Silva - Espanhol

Natanael dos Santos Almeida  - Inglês



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